H℮l℮na Barakסvic, Anton Giulio Onofri, Jerry Brignone, Massimo Scaringella and Gabriela Fernández Bisso
in the night of the film's first showing at Palazzo Orsini, Bomarzo, Italy (4-8-2007)

H℮l℮na Barakסvic and Jerry Brignone in The Mouth of Hell

H℮l℮na Barakסvic and Jerry Brignone with Saint Anselmo's statue, Bomarzo's patron saint

Giovanna, Alessandro, Jerry (back to us), Giovanni, Emanuele and H℮l℮na at Palazzo Orsini's doors

Jerry Brignone, Giovanni Proietti and H℮l℮na Barakסvic

H℮l℮na Barakסvic and Alessandro Pangrazi


              Giulia Farnese's little sister in fiction

Bomarzo inhabitants prepared for the Crowning scene

        Gabriela Fernández Bisso (centre) with Bomarzo inhabitants, including Luca Fosci


Italian Embassy in Argentina (Alvear Palace) - October 8th 2007

General San Martin Cultural Centre (Buenos Aires) - October 20th 2007



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